Me Zombie. Eat Brains. – Zombie Music!

There have been a lot of movies and TV shows recently about Zombies, and according to Hollywood, they will be taking over the world soon. So I have done my part to get things ready for them by inventing a new type of music that they can enjoy called ‘Zombie Metal’.

This new music will refresh, rejuvenate and inspire them as they relax and take time off from chasing humans and eating brains, since this music has been written, performed and sung entirely by zombies.

The first release in this new style is called “Me Zombie. Eat Brains.”. Please do your part to support this new zombie-centric music effort by purchasing this song through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby or one of many other online music retailers and streaming services.

Get it on Amazon MP3

Through this, we can all work together to welcome our undead friends and ensure that they have soothing music to enjoy in their free time.

If not for yourself, please do it for the zombies.

– Five Seconds To Live

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